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Terms and Conditions of Alternative Makeover Company (AMC) Services

Copyright and Ownership

AMC retains the copyright and ownership of all photographic/electronic images produced by AMC whether during makeovers or external events. Reproduction (hardcopy, electronic, publication, web, etc) of any such images will require our express written permission. Any such enquiries should be directed to AMC via the email address provided at the bottom of this page. Infringements of the AMC copyright may result in legal proceedings against the publisher and/or the client. These measures are not only for the protection of AMC but most importantly, for the protection of our clients to prevent improper use.


We ask all our customers to call half an hour before they arrive for their appointment to confirm they are on your way.


Payments can only be made by Cheque with Guarantee Card, Postal Order (made payable to AMC Limited, allowing sufficient time for funds to clear), by PayPal (account details provided upon request, handling fee applies) or Cash. We are currently unable to accept Debit/Credit Card payments. All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT (Value Added Tax) at the current rate. All prices quoted are in UK Sterling (£s). We reserve the right to amend prices without prior notice. Any special offers and/or promotional discounts which the client wishes to take advantage of/redeem MUST be stated at the time of making the booking in order to ensure validity. AMC reserves the right to amend special offers/promotional discounts without prior notice. All payments to be made in full (cleared funds or cash payment) at the start of the appointment.

Many girls enjoy extending their appointment an hour or two beyond their original time.This generally does not present a problem and whenever we can we will be happy to extend the appointment accordingly. To avoid any embarrassment on either side, additional time will be charged at £15 per half hour (except after 5 hours when a charge of £30 per half hour will be made). Appointments will start from the appointment time or arrival time whichever is the earliest and run until the time of departure from AMC including makeup removal and the packing/loading of personal belongings. Please therefore be prepared and offer to pay for your entire appointment time accordingly. We are unable to offer showering and bathing facilities either pre or post your appointment. Thank you for your understanding.


Bookings for makeovers, image consultations, evenings out and/or appointments made with a deposit will receive preference over those bookings made without a deposit. Should you fail to attend your scheduled appointment for any reason deposits are non-refundable. Deposits are only refundable should you give adequate cancellation notice of at least 48 hours. Tickets for specific events e.g. theatre/event tickets must be paid for at the time of booking. The cost of tickets can only be refunded is a replacement client can be found to take your place. A deposit will be required for new customers in order to secure an initial appointment. For bookings over £100 a deposit of 50% may be required, at the management's discretion.

Inclusions and Exclusions

Transportation costs (taxi fares, train fares, etc), entrance costs (venues, clubs, theatres, etc), restaurant costs (meals, drinks, etc) are NOT included within ANY prices quoted unless expressly stated.

When dining in restaurants it is expected that you will pay the costs of your escort's food and drink, however any such costs will be limited as far as possible by the person escorting. When dining as part of a group, the collective group will be expected to apportion the food and drink costs of the person escorting, the final bill being divided up to reflect this. The person escorting the individual/group on theatre trips is not expected to pay for any pre-show, interval or post-show refreshments and a similar principle will apply.

Should you be given a lift by another AMC client it is generally considered polite to offer a contribution towards fuel/parking costs or alternatively to offer to buy the person a drink or two during the evening by way of a thank you.

Escorted evening trips will leave the final venue at a time to enable return to AMC by 3am at the latest. Whenever possible, AMC will attempt to provide transportation to the venue, however this should be confirmed at the time of making the booking as this is not always possible due to the limitation of seating capacity.

We do not make any additional charge for photographs, whether taken with your own camera or the AMC camera, these are included within the prices quoted.

FREE Loan - Books, DVDs, Videos and Magazines

All books, DVDs, videos and magazines are the personal property of Claire and Maria and as such are loaned to friends on a personal basis only. Payment of the returnable deposit and postage and packaging (P&P) costs will be required in the form of cleared funds prior to dispatch. The deposit will be returned in full upon receipt of the item(s) borrowed, asuming they have been returned in good condition. A maximum of two titles will be loaned to any one individual at a time. When two items are requested, the cost of P&P for the lowest item will be reduced by 50%. All items are to be returned within a 3 month period to ensure availability for other individuals. After this time it will be assumed that the individual borrowing the item(s) wishes to retain the item(s) and therefore Claire and Maria will have to replace the item(s) for their own use. In this instance the deposit will be non returnable. All items will be sent to the individuals preferred name and address in plain packaging. Please return all items in the condition that you received them in and a condition that you would have been happy to receive the item in originally. A full list of titles is available on request.

Clothes Storage

AMC is a clean, safe, non smoking environment. We can however not be held responsible for any form of loss whether caused by theft, fire, flood etc. Individuals should, if they feel necessary, seperately insure any items stored at AMC to provide cover should any such loss occur. Storage cost payments will be required in the form of cleared funds prior to any such storage being undertaken. Storage periods of 3 months, 6 months and 12 months are offered. Upon completion of the specified period the individual will be required to either collect their stored items or make payment for an additional period within 2 weeks of the last date of the original storage period. Failure to do so will result in the stored items transferring ownership to AMC, allowing AMC to dispose of the items as they see fit. AMC reserves the right to inspect any items stored to ensure that no inappropriate or illegal items are being stored. Should this be the case AMC will have no hesitation in informing the relevant authority. AMC will not allow other individuals/customers access to any stored items. AMC will allow access to stored items with limited notice, however please be considerate. The cost of storage will be dependant on the quantity/volume of items being stored and thus the actual cost may vary from the prices quoted. Any such change to the prices quoted will be agreed in advance with the individual concerned.

Delivery Address

AMC offers to receive goods on behalf of AMC customers only, FREE OF CHARGE. The date of any intended delivery MUST be confirmed in advance together with a description of the items being received on behalf of the individual. All goods received can be collected at the customer's next appointment within one month of the delivery being received. Failure to make an appointment within one month of the delivery will result in ownership of the received items transferring to AMC, allowing AMC to dispose of the items as they see fit. AMC reserves the right to inspect any items received to ensure that no inappropriate or illegal items are being received. Should this be the case AMC will have no hesitation in informing the relevant authority. AMC will not allow other individuals/customers access to any received items.

Photographic Enhancement

AMC offers 'Photographic Enhancement' to all clients, both existing and new. Payment will be required in full prior to any work being undertaken. Should images be required for print purposes rather than web use this must be specified at the time of placement of the order. The quality of the final result achievable through the process of 'Photograph Combining' is wholly dependant on the quality (resolution/size) of the original image(s) supplied. AMC will produce the best result possible from the materials supplied. Should you have any doubts prior to placement of the order, please forward the appropriate image(s) for evaluation prior to commencement of any work. All final images supplied are (copyright) © 2008 Alternative Makeover Company and therefore cannot be used for commercial purposes of an sort without the express prior written permission of AMC. Images can however be used for personal use such as social networking website profile images and/or personal (non commercial) websites. Should there be any doubt in respect of any such usage restrictions this must be investigated by the client prior to commissioning any such 'Photographic Enhancement' process. 'Photograph Printing & Finishing' will be undertaken to a written specification to be provided by the client at the time of placement of the order. Please allow up to 28 days for delivery of order depending on the complexity of requirements. In most instances finished goods will be available in a shorter timescale.


Whilst AMC will make every effort to ensure the suitability of makeup products used for makeovers, AMC will accept no liability for any allergic reaction to any cosmetic products used. Any allergies, previously experienced allergic reactions or skin conditions must be declared at the time of making an appointment. Please confirm at the time of booking if you wear contact lenses. There are a number of domestic cats and dogs at AMC and any related allergy/concern should be stated at the time of booking. Failure of equipment such as cameras & computers as well as postal services is extremely rare, however should such an occurrance happen AMC will not be held responsible for the subsequent loss of any photographs or memory sticks and the full appointment charges will still apply.

Smoking Policy

AMC is a NON SMOKING environment, should clients wish to smoke they can do so in the garden.


AMC does NOT offer any form of sexual service. Claire and Maria are NOT swingers and do not offer any form of role play. Any such suggestion from a client may result in the appointment/booking being prematurely ended and in this instance no refund will be considered. Please ensure that you wear knickers at all times (under, not over tights, should you wish to change outfits during your appointment) and keep appropriately tucked at all times to avoid any embarrassment. Thank you for understanding.


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